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If you are interested in joining, we suggest you come and visit one of our monthly member meetings at Keene State College Young Student Center or at the club's Sullivan Observatory. Meet the club members, look around, talk up a storm, ask questions, be nosy, and find out who and what we really are.

There are no technical qualifications for KAA membership - just an interest in learning more about our universe. You don't need to have a telescope to get in. In fact, it's better that you join first, so you can find out what kind of telescope you really need, depending on what you want to do. The club includes salesmen, homemakers, teachers, retirees, etc., as well as professional scientists. Individuals at all levels and ages are welcome; the KAA Club includes and welcomes teenagers and college students through centenarians.

Benefits of KAA Membership

  • KAA members attend monthly indoor meetings. Many meetings are held at the Keene State College Young Student Center. During good weather, KAA meetings are held at the club Observatory.
  • Members are advised of club activities through our officers' emails.
  • During the fair-weather months, members attend "observing sessions" at our nearby Sullivan Observatory. Members and guests may gather to gain eyes-on experience using the club's telescopes and a variety of portable telescopes, including some very large models that give incredible views of celestial objects. The facility is located on a hilltop as far away from major sources of "light pollution" as possible. The building features a unique roll off roof design that shows a great expanse of the entire sky from inside and outside the building.
  • Special award certificates, such as the Messier, are offered to challenge members' observing skills and knowledge of the celestial map. Beginners level through advanced certificates are available.
  • Members can borrow club-owned equipment, such as telescopes, eyepieces and star charts. In February 2011, the club adopted a telescope loan policy. Our telescope loan program is available only for current club members. A Sky & Telescope moon map is available here and the full moon map from the Luna Society may be viewed here.
  • The KAA adheres to a member-approved Constitution and By-Laws. All members are eligible to run for any office.

What Does it Cost?

Regular membership in the KAA Club is available for $20 for single or family membership per year. Members can subscribe to the Astronomical League for an additional $9 annually. If you decide to join, you can in any case do so right there, or download and complete the club application as you wish. Membership Form Here

Contact Information

If you have a question or wish to contact us for any reason, please email our Secretary here.

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