Monthly Business Meeting Information

***Due to continuing NH social guidelines, business meetings will be conducted via Zoom.***

July's business meeting will be held on the 9th at 7pm

Until further notice, we will only be having business meetings every other month.

*Prior to joining the club meeting, we ask you to familarize yourself with the suggestions in this video to make the meeting rewarding and productive for yourself and the other attendees.

Contact the club Secretary for instructions on joining the Zoom meeting.

As the year progresses, club members focus on different visible constellations. Currently we are focused on the Spring & Summer Constellations. Prior to our next meeting, we encourage you to focus on these constellations for June: Bootes, Ursa Minor, Corona Borealis, and for July: Draco, Hercules, Serpens Caput, Serpens Cauda. For a quick view of today's sky, check the interactive Heaven's Above sky chart.

We do encourage you to continue to broaden your knowledge of astronomy by exploring Astronomy News and Resources, exploring the seasons constellations and club Astronomical League programs on the Sky & Folklore page, and getting outside to observe the morning and evening sky with all its wonders.

For sky viewing conditions, click on Astrospheric and for software, try SkySafari, Stellarium, or Cartes du Ciel.

Explore Sky & Folklore for more information.